Is It Possible To Eradicate BVD?

Controlling bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) has confounded cattle producers and veterinarians for years. But rather than live with it, is it possible to eradicate this major cattle disease? Some of the world’s best researchers will look at the possibility of doing just that during an October 13 symposium in Kansas City.

The symjposium is sponsored by Merck Animal Health, Life Technologies and the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory. An international line-up of experts will take a hard look at BVD and help cattle producers, veterinarians and others better understand the disease and the chances of eradicating it from the herd.

Here’s the schedule for the symposium, entitled BVDV Epidemiology and Economic Impact:

The science and economics of why we can and need to eradicate BVDV

• Dr. John VanLeeuwen, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

BVDV Eradication: Vaccination and Diagnostics, Where do producers start?

• Dr. Tom Shelton, Merck Animal Health

BVDV Diagnostic Options for Practitioners and Producers: How KSVDL offers guidance for using PCR to prevent and control BVDV on US beef operations

• Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

BVDV Regional Eradication Success: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

• Dr. Dan Grooms, Michigan State University

Keeping BVDV Out: Proactive detection of HoBi-Like virus with Real-time PCR

• Dr. Johnny Callahan, Life Technologies / Simone Silveira –

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil (UFRGS)

Beef and dairy operation BVDV bio-security vulnerability points

• Dr. Dan Thomson, Kansas State University

Veterinarian continuing education credits provided.  Enroll online at: