IVOMEC® (ivermectin) Challenge Extended For 2010

Producers guaranteed to recoup their spring parasite control investment

DULUTH, GA — Jan. 27, 2010 — Producers have nothing to lose and everything to gain when they use IVOMEC® (ivermectin) Brand Products for spring parasite control. Merial is once again inviting producers to take the IVOMEC Challenge — giving them a risk-free way to prove that spring parasite control pays.

“Spring parasite treatments in cow/calf herds have been proven to increase weaning weights and reproductive performance,”1-4 says Dr. Frank Hurtig, director, Merial Veterinary Services. “But, if producers still aren’t convinced, the IVOMEC Challenge gives them a risk-free opportunity to see the benefits of a spring parasite treatment for themselves. Merial will shoulder any risk, and producers are guaranteed the reward.”

To participate, producers simply need to use any IVOMEC Brand Product on both their cows and spring-born calves in the spring. Then, at weaning, weigh the calves. If the improved 205-day adjusted weight versus 2009 does not cover the purchase price of the IVOMEC Brand Product used in the spring, Merial will provide an equal amount of doses of any IVOMEC Brand Product for fall.

Dr. Hurtig says the benefits of a spring parasite treatment are proven in a quarter century of research. Studies going back 25 years have shown a statistically significant increase in weaning weights when cows and calves were treated for parasites in the spring with IVOMEC Brand Products.1-3

“That gain alone is guaranteed to cover the cost of using an IVOMEC Brand Product in the spring,” Dr. Hurtig says. “But the benefits of a spring parasite treatment don’t stop there.”

In fact, a study has shown that parasite control with an IVOMEC Brand Product prior to breeding can increase conception rates up to 5 percent.4

“A 5 percent increase in conception rate can mean significant returns in several ways,” Dr. Hurtig says. “The cost of an open cow is almost $400 per year5 and a calf conceived on the first day of a 60-day breeding season will be worth $108 more than one conceived on the last day,6 both of which can be directly affected by improving conception rate in the spring.”

Spring treatments with IVOMEC Brand Products help clean up parasites in cattle and reduce pasture contamination.

“An astounding 90 percent to 95 percent of parasites in the system are found on pastures at any given time,7,8 waiting for an opportunity to infect cows and calves,” Dr. Hurtig says.

Frozen Northern pastures are no exception, he adds. Parasites do survive on pastures throughout the winter7 and research has shown they can even continue to be transmitted despite freezing temperatures.9

“Spring treatments with IVOMEC Brand Products clear cattle of parasites at treatment,” Dr. Hurtig says. “Depending on the parasite and product used, they keep working for 14 to 28 days following application.”10

However, not all products are as effective. Drench-type or white dewormers are only effective against a limited spectrum of parasites, and only for the day of treatment.10 This means that, at most, white dewormers only impact the 5 percent to 10 percent of parasites that are in the overall system.

“There are a lot of variables that can rob producers of production and profits,” Dr. Hurtig says. “But between the proven results of spring parasite treatment and the promise of the IVOMEC Challenge, we can guarantee this is one input producers won’t lose money on.”

Only Merial offers the IVOMEC Challenge with all four proven formulations of IVOMEC Brand Products. All IVOMEC Brand Products also are backed by a 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information, producers should contact their local Merial sales representative or visit

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