Junior Angus Leaders Raise the Bar in Saint Joseph

Young Angus leaders who serve their respective state junior Angus associations and their advisors took the opportunity to participate in the Fall 2008 Midwest Raising the Bar Conference, Oct. 17-19 at the American Angus Association® headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo. Fourteen youth and advisors participated in the leadership training that is conducted by the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and funded through the Angus Foundation.

Opening speaker Thane Chastain challenged each individual to form a two or three word personal goal and to be sure the goal was relevant. He referred to several leadership books including “Good to Great” while talking about raising the level of leadership in the NJAA and in the respective state organizations. Chastain also discussed time management as a tool for success, which he noted is not accomplished immediately.

“If you are failing from time to time, you are not raising the bar enough,” Chastain told the group.

Directors on the NJAA Board engaged the group in several workshops that included public speaking, parliamentary procedure, securing and retaining membership through the use of a mentoring program, fundraising, team building and goal setting. The interactive workshops allowed for the individuals from various states to exchange ideas and learn from their peers.

An afternoon of team building was spent at Camp Geiger, where the participants enhanced their problem solving, decision making and communications skills through a series of obstacles and challenges.

In addition to workshops, NJAA directors also navigated the young leaders through its Web site, to showcase the online resources for juniors. Bryce Schumann, Association chief executive officer, provided information about the Association and its entities before the group toured the Association and Angus Productions Inc. offices.

This is the second year for Raising the Bar that allows officers and advisors from state junior Angus associations to meet regionally. For more information about junior Angus programs and the NJAA, visit


A list of attendees follows:

Linda Egger, Columbus, Neb.

Jessica Clowser, Milford, Neb.

Emelia Heimsoth, Lathrop, Mo.

Taylor Short, Ava, Mo.

Garren Bellis, Orrick, Mo.

Tim Short, Ava, Mo.

Payree Short, Ava, Mo.

Rachel Frost, Tallula, Ill.

Kayla Widerman, Good Hope, Ill.

Chelsea Dickinson, Glasco, Kan.

Megan Fink, Randolph, Kan.

Hannah McCabe, Elk City, Kan.

Tyler Ottensmeier, McLouth, Kan.

Barry Santee, Langdon, Kan.

NJAA Directors:

Mallory Trosper, Hamilton, Mo.

Andrew Rogen, Brandon, S.D.

Robert Myers, Yamhill, Ore.

Bridget Driscoll, Williamsburg, Iowa

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