Kemin Introduces LYSOFORTE™ - A Unique and Powerful Biosurfactant

DES MOINES, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kemin Industries, Inc. announces the introduction of LYSOFORTE™ brand Biosurfactant into the United States market. LYSOFORTE, the only product of its kind worldwide for animal agriculture, enhances the absorption of fatty acids as well as other nutrients.

“With the recent increase in feed input costs, producers are searching for ways to maintain profits through the utilization of alternative feed ingredients and feed efficiency technologies,” said Haley Stomp, product manager for Kemin AgriFoods North America. “This shift in the industry creates an opportunity for a product like LYSOFORTE, our unique biosurfactant that enhances fatty acid absorption. This product enhances the absorption of fat and other nutrients from feed ingredients, including those ingredients considered alternative and less digestible.”

LYSOFORTE is a nutricine which assists in fat absorption by facilitating the emulsification of fat in feed. With better fat absorption, LYSOFORTE can increase energy utilization and assist in absorption of other fat soluble nutrients and vitamins. LYSOFORTE is already available throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, China, India and Canada. LYSOFORTE is for use in livestock and poultry feeds.

LYSOFORTE can be used as either an additional ingredient to enhance absorption of added fat, or it can be used to partially replace oil or fat being added to diets which results in a direct cost savings while still maintaining animal performance.

“Kemin is pleased to provide an ingredient which will allow producers to decrease the cost of animal rations and maintain performance,” said Jeff Murphy, vice president of sales and marketing for Kemin AgriFoods North America. “This is the first of many advancements which will allow for greater efficiency and reduced costs.”

Producers that are interested in exploring the benefits of LYSOFORTE should call Kemin Customer Service, 800-752-2864, for the name of their nearest Kemin representative.

The AgriFoods businesses of Kemin focus on Total Nutrition™ to help customers achieve a highly effective, consistent system of profitable animal production. Total Nutrition focuses on understanding nutrients and nutricines and their appropriate application in animal feeds. Kemin coined the term “nutricine”, a vital component of Total Nutrition, to identify ingredients that are essential in combination with good nutrition and solid animal husbandry, to maintain profitability while enhancing the health and well being of animals.

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