Kemin Promotes Andrew G. Yersin, Ph.D., to Director of Research and Development

DES MOINES, Iowa – April 24, 2008 – Jed Harms, president of Kemin AgriFoods North America, announces the promotion of Andrew G. Yersin, Ph.D., to Director of Research and Development. In this role, Dr. Yersin will guide the activities of scientists pursuing new Product Development, Applied Research and the Customer Laboratory Services group that supports existing Agrifoods products.

Harms said, "Kemin was built on a foundation of sound scientific research. We are pleased to have Andy's expertise and experience to provide the leadership and guidance for product innovation, development and commercial application in order to fully serve our customers".

Dr. Yersin joined Kemin in 2004 as Product Manager for the Food Safety Platform pathogen reduction program. In 2005, Dr. Yersin served as World wide Director of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs for Kemin Industries, Inc. Prior to joining Kemin, Dr. Yersin worked in the life science area with organizations such as the National Animal Disease Center/ ARS-USDA, Hy-Vac SPF Biologicals and Novus International, Inc.

The AgriFoods businesses of Kemin focus on Total Nutrition® to help customers achieve a highly effective, consistent system of profitable animal production. Total Nutrition® focuses on understanding nutrients and nutricines and their appropriate application in animal feeds. Kemin coined the term "nutricine", a vital component of Total Nutrition®, to identify ingredients that are essential in combination with good nutrition and solid animal husbandry, to maintain profitability while enhancing the health and well being of animals.

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