Kentucky Hereford Breeders Collaboration Pays Off

KANSAS CITY, Mo. ¬¬¬ Only in its first year, the Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale was a great success. October 27 sellers earned premiums of more than $8 per hundredweight (cwt.) for steers and $10 per cwt. for heifers. Those premiums were multiplied on 532 head sold at the Blue Grass Stockyards South, Stanford, Ky.

American Hereford Association Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines says, “The bar was recently raised for the price of Hereford feeder cattle in Kentucky, and it was all because of good marketing and responding to the marketplace.”

Modeled after other successful Hereford feeder sales, the Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale was organized by the Kentucky Hereford Association, as Hereford breeders looked for more ways to add value to Hereford-influenced cattle.

“It’s not that Hereford cattle have been inferior in quality; they just simply haven’t been marketed in large enough numbers under a standard health program to attract the big buyers that target truckload lots,” says Tim Dietrich, Kentucky Department of Agriculture beef cattle marketing specialist.

The sale drew a large crowd; 250 people were fed a steak dinner that evening at the sale facility. But just as important was that the organizers drew the kind of buyers they were hoping for. In addition to many locals, Danny Herrmann of Certified Hereford Beef-participating feedlot Ford County Feed Yard, Ford, Kan., and a representative from the largest order-buying network in the East, Eastern Livestock, bought cattle.

Lowell Atwood, Kentucky Hereford breeder and sale coordinator, says plans are in progress to make the Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale an annual event.