Limousin Breeders Gather for 1st-Ever Emerging Leaders Academy

The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) hosted its inaugural Emerging Leaders Academy Feb. 2–3 in Kansas City, Mo.

With 17 participants in the first class, NALF launched the new program to provide a unique educational and networking opportunity for a limited number of Limousin breeders each year. Academy participants will explore the current issues, trends and technologies shaping the beef industry while preparing to help the Limousin breed capitalize on its opportunities and sharpen its progressive commercial focus.

“Participants get to know other committed breeders, gain valuable marketing insights, generate new ideas that can be applied to their own enterprises, and increase their awareness of the tools and programs available to Limousin seedstock and commercial cow-calf producers,” said Bob Hough, Ph.D., executive vice president for NALF.

The first academy class began its experience with a facilitated group discussion about NALF’s new strategic plan.

“It was a great opportunity for our organization’s future leaders to contribute to the planning process so we can generate the best ideas for leading the breed forward along a proactive path toward even greater commercial acceptance,” Hough said.

The class will continue to interact and exchange ideas over the next 12 to 24 months through conference calls, webcasts and special events, including an industry tour.

“I am confident the Emerging Leaders Academy will be a force for positive change within the Limousin breed,” Hough stated. “The potential outcomes of this new program are exciting. It easily could become the networking and leadership opportunity that motivates some of our most enthusiastic, up-and-coming breeders to get more involved in their state Limousin associations, NALF and other industry organizations.”

Members of the inaugural class follow, sorted by state then city.

• Brent Fillmore, Boone, Colo.

• Joey Freund, Elizabeth, Colo.

• Kevin Ochsner, Kersey, Colo.

• Cash Schilling, Edson, Kan.

• John Ethington, Lexington, Ky.

• Greg Blaydes, Midway, Ky.

• Kevin Smith, Chatham, La.

• Mike Wulf, Morris, Minn.

• Tye Jones, LaMonte, Mo.

• Gary Gates, Absarokee, Mont.

• Trent Coleman, Charlo, Mont.

• Jamie Watts, Fairfield, Neb.

• Daniel Hunt, Oxford, Neb.

• Austin Hager, Karlsruhe, N.D.

• Warren Symens, Amherst, S.D.

• Andy Peterson, Osceola, Wis.

• Bart Mitchell, Wauzeka, Wis.