Limousin Commercial Marketing Check-off is Reduced

Denver, Colo., (Sept. 28, 2010) The North American Limousin Foundation Board of Directors voted to adjust the voluntary Limousin Check-off to $2 per head registered. The unanimous decision to adjust the check-off marketing program was approved to provide marketing assistance to the breed organization.

"Marketing and breed recognition are an important aspect of the cattle industry," said Mike Smith, Liberty Ranch, Plainville, Kansas and Chairman of the Commercial Marketing committee. "There is excitement in the breed and amongst producers. Commercial cattlemen believe in Limousin cattle and now is the time to increase our market share."

Approved in 2006, the check-off has assisted the North American Limousin Foundation in marketing the breed to the mainstream commercial sector of the industry. Since its inception, the check-off has assisted with funding over $250,000 in national and regional advertising. North American Limousin Foundation members can enroll in the Commercial Marketing Check-off at any time during the year.

"We continue to build demand for Limousin cattle," said Dr. Bob Hough, Executive Vice President, North American Limousin Foundation. "Commercial producers have taken advantage of heterosis by demanding our cattle. Lim-Flex® bulls are siring a tremendous set of calves with heifers being kept as replacements. The check-off has allowed us to build demand and prove that Limousin cattle work in the commercial herds."