Massey Ferguson® Introduces the 5450 "Ultimate" Loader Tractor

Hi-Visibility™ Hood design provides superior loader visibility, creating an ideal tractor for any loader-related chore around the dairy or feedlot

Duluth, Ga. (February 15, 2011) — When it comes to cleaning livestock lots, scooping feed, lifting hay bales or moving pallets, shouldn’t you be able to actually see what you’re doing, without blind spots? We think so. That’s why Massey Ferguson® is pleased to introduce the all-new MF5450 mid-range tractor featuring the exclusive Hi-Visibility™ Hood design which allows the operator to see the front of the loader bucket for better control and more accurate results.

“The all-new Massey Ferguson 5450 is designed so the operator can see the tip of the loader bucket no matter what the job is,” explains Rene Boivin, product marketing manager, utility, specialty and mid-range tractors. “This is a unique tractor designed specifically for loader work and one especially well suited to the dairy or beef feedlot, where loader work is a daily event whether feeding and caring for cattle or harvesting and moving hay.”

No other mid-range tractor on the market features a hood design with the visibility of the MF5450. Unlike competitive models with a square shape to the hood, the slope of the Hi-Visibility Hood is redesigned to be significantly lower at the front to give operators exceptional sight lines and eliminate blind spots. In fact, operators can see the tip of the loader bucket from their seat inside the cab — which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to control implements with careful precision.

But that’s not the only new feature designed to make the 75-PTO horsepower MF5450 more ideal for loader work. The left-hand power control lever, mounted to the steering column, allows for simple directional changes. The lever provides convenient, operator-controlled forward/reverse shuttling, powershift changes and fingertip declutching, and leaves the operator’s right hand free to operate other controls, such as a loader joystick.

The MF5450 also allows the operator to tailor the responsiveness of the forward and reverse shuttle using a simple rotary dial on the console. More aggressive settings offer maximum productivity for heavy loader work, while less aggressive settings provide quick, smooth direction changes.

Underneath the hood of these innovative machines is a Tier III emissions-compliant Perkins® 1104D 44TA turbo-charged engine. These powerful engines deliver a combination of horsepower, fuel economy and torque to maximize productivity and efficiency. A standard Dyna-4™ transmission — available with a supercreeper option — allows for fast and easy shifting, and offers a wide range of speeds to handle a variety of daily chores. The tractor also fits well in the hay field for tasks from mowing or conditioning to raking, baling and moving hay, making this an all-around machine for cattle owners.

Equally as important as increasing productivity and efficiency is maintaining operator comfort during a long day of work. The MF5450 is built to take a beating day in and day out, yet engineered so operators don’t. The machine’s increased visibility and easy-to-reach control panel, ergonomically arranged by function, combine to help reduce operator fatigue behind the wheel.

“Since its founding, Massey Ferguson has been a pioneer in the tractor industry,” says Boivin. “We’re always listening to our customers and building products to meet their varied needs, no matter what the needs are. It’s this principle that’s guided what we’ve done for the last 160 years, and it’s this principle that will continue to guide us for the next 160 years.”

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