Massey Ferguson Introduces All-New Hesston Model 1363 10-foot Side Pull Disc Mower Conditioner

Versatile, tough machine packages innovative conditioning with durability, ideal for cattle producers looking to make their own high-quality hay

Duluth, Ga. (January 4, 2011)— The all-new Hesston® 1363 10-foot side pull disc mower conditioner by Massey Ferguson® provides dairy and beef producers cutting and conditioning innovations designed for making high-quality hay. Featuring heavy-duty RazorBar™ technology, steel-on-steel conditioner rollers and a strong overhead frame, this tough machine easily cuts through thick, heavy hay while conditioning it to deliver optimum quality.

The Hesston 1363 features one of the strongest cutterbars available on the market today, the new RazorBar™ cutterbar. With a cast iron spur gear design and a thinner cutter profile, the machine provides a closer cut and reduces scalping. Furthermore, these gears easily handle rocks that might be encountered in the field, significantly reducing the opportunity for cutterbar damage.

“One of the many advantages of the Hesston 1363 is its ability to crimp hay through the use of steel-on-steel rolls,” says Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for hay and forage. “This crimping action actually preserves valuable nutrient content that is contained in hay leaves, making for a high-quality end product. When leaves are crushed or damaged and protein content is lost, the quality of the hay is reduced significantly.”

Steel-on-steel conditioner rolls crack the plant stem every 2–3 inches, breaking the stem open to release moisture and reduce drying time, while preserving leaf quality for hay with optimum nutrient content. A herringbone tread pattern on the rolls feeds the crop evenly on both sides for even windrow formation. For producers who need crushing conditioner action, rubber-on-rubber rolls are available. Their shallow lug design minimizes leaf damage.

The Hesston 1363 is built on a strong overhead frame that provides superior header lift of up to 20 inches over headland windrows. This added height means the mower can be easily guided and carried over obstacles and ditches or waterways.

“For more than 50 years, Hesston has been a pioneer in the hay and forage industry,” explains Morrell. “Over that time, we’ve established a reputation for our ability to deliver equipment that features unmatched innovation and technology. The all-new Hesston 1363 10-foot side pull disc mower conditioner is no exception to this standard.”

For more information about the Hesston 1363 disc mower conditioner, visit your local Massey Ferguson or Hesston dealer.