Massey Ferguson Introduces Revolutionary 8600 Series Row Crop Tractor

Futuristic innovations guided by farmer input deliver a new generation

of power, performance and comfort

DULUTH, GA (February 17, 2009) — Massey Ferguson proudly introduces the Massey Ferguson® 8600 Series high-horsepower row crop tractor to North American farmers. This new offering of 270 to 350 horsepower tractors breaks new ground in next-generation farm equipment, consistent with Massey Ferguson's 160-year tradition of delivering unprecedented innovations.

The MF8600 Series tractor combines the raw power of the AGCO SISU POWER® 8.4L engine with the latest innovations in engine management and transmission technology, then adds operator comforts and conveniences such as an unparalleled picture-window view that enables farmers to get even more satisfaction out of a long day of farming.

The new Massey Ferguson 8600 Series row crop tractor features four models offering 270 to 350 horsepower, all with new e3 clean air technology plus revolutionary innovations guided by farmer input to deliver a new generation of power, performance and comfort – all to enable farmers to get even more satisfaction out of a long day of farming.

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"This tractor may well be the one tractor farmers classify as the best they've ever owned," says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for Massey Ferguson’s high-horsepower tractors. "This tractor was developed with enormous amounts of farmer input, and the final product was fine-tuned after hours of on-farm use. This tractor has captivated the farmers who’ve used it on their farms."

The MF8600 Series tractor also introduces e3 clean-air technology: Energy|Economy|Ecology to provide compliance without compromise. AGCO has chosen e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology as the most farmer-friendly approach toward meeting current Tier III and also future EPA emissions standards. The e3 technology significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases and particulate emissions without any trade-offs in power, productivity and operating costs. In fact, the new e3 technology not only provides the cleanest emissions, it delivers up to 15 percent better fuel efficiency over the competition.

Higher horsepower from AGCO SISU POWER® engine

With the MF8600 Series, Massey Ferguson extends its line into a new power sector – up to 275 PTO horsepower, 350 engine horsepower – by equipping each of the four models with the 8.4-liter (514 cu. in.) AGCO SISU POWER® engine. The series includes the MF8650 with 205 PTO hp/270 max. engine hp; MF8660 with 225 PTO hp/295 max. engine hp; MF8670 with 250 PTO hp/320 max. engine hp; and MF8680 with 275 PTO hp/350 max. engine hp.

Designed using more than 65 years of company innovation and equipped with Electronic Engine Management 3 (EEM3), AGCO SISU POWER engines maintain maximum torque between 1,185 and 1,550 rpm and deliver constant power down to 1,570 rpm to handle farmers' toughest jobs.

A rugged new chassis-rail frame, combined with a new sculpted front axle support casting provides a solid foundation for the MF8600 Series and allows a tighter turning radius. Larger final drives and the muscle to handle larger draft loads and weight are additional benefits of the new heavy-duty front axle.

These tractors also offer the power and capacity to handle today's biggest equipment with ease, day in and day out. Features include:

• The highest 3-point capacity in the class, with an optional Integrated Front Linkage System with more than 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg) of 3-point lift capacity; rear 3-point linkage with more than 22,760 lbs (10,323 kg) lift capacity;

• Optional factory-installed, front PTO;