AMARILLO, Texas, June 10, 2008 - Micro Beef Technologies, a leading provider of innovative, integrated animal management solutions for the global food supply chain, today announced the release of MICRO PVP (, a major expansion of its current USDA-approved Process Verified Program. The MICRO PVP will allow ranches, livestock markets, and feedyards to more easily age verify their cattle for export markets as well as benefit from newly added "Born in USA" and "Born and Raised in USA" claims.

For ranch customers, the MICRO PVP expansion will add new flexibility to the age verification and audit process. In addition to on-site audits, ranchers may now elect to submit calving records and participate in phone audits to verify age records. Ranchers may also tag animals upon arrival at a secondary location such as a livestock market or feedyard.

For participating feedyards, backgrounders, and markets, the MICRO PVP has been modified to allow cattle from other USDA-approved PVP and QSA programs to be age verified upon arrival and eligible for export programs. The MICRO PVP will now allow feedyards to accept cattle from virtually any ranch which has maintained appropriate calving records.

The MICRO PVP also offers customers an optional program to prepare for future country-of-origin labeling (COOL) requirements by qualifying age-verified cattle for one of two new claims: "Born in USA" or "Born and Raised in USA." Either program meets USDA requirements for COOL by linking the age verification and origin verification processes.

The MICRO PVP is presently a leading USDA- approved Process Verified Program (PVP). Thousands of cattle producers, feedyards, and livestock markets have participated in the age verification program, qualifying cattle for valuable premiums. In 2007, Micro Beef Technologies' PVP customers who marketed their age verified cattle earned average premiums of $2-3 per hundredweight. Recent research by Montana State University, a Micro Beef PVP customer since 2003, indicated that age verification was a significant value-added feature, adding an average of $12.83 per head in new value to age-verified Montana calves.

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