Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ All-in-One MIG Welder Combines Easy Set Up with Proven Performance

Miller’s new Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ all-in-one MIG welder combines the proven performance of the Millermatic 212 with the popular Auto-Set feature, which automatically sets the optimal parameters based on metal thickness and wire diameter.

Highlights/Key Facts:

• Set welding wire size and material thickness and Auto-Set™ selects optimal wire feed speed and voltage.

• Infinite voltage control replaces “tap” settings – enabling manual fine-tuning of voltage and wire feed speed.

• Line Voltage Compensation maintains welding output in event of +/- 10% variations in primary power.

• Matched with Spoolmatic ® 15A/30A spool guns, with gun-mounted wire feed speed control.

APPLETON, Wis., February 19, 2009--By integrating the exclusive Auto-Set™ feature into an already popular all-in-one MIG welder, Miller created the new Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™. Auto-Set simplifies weld set-up by automatically selecting wire feed speed and voltage after the operator inputs wire diameter and material thickness. This new Millermatic also is equipped with infinite voltage control for better manual fine-tuning of weld parameters for all materials. This new Millermatic also features Miller’s Line Voltage Compensation (LVC™) to keep output constant even if input voltage varies by +/- 10 percent.

The Millermatic 212 Auto-Set (160 A @ 60% duty cycle), which can weld up to 3/8-in. mild steel in a single pass, is compatible with the Spoolmatic® 15A/30A spool guns for aluminum welding. These guns feature wirefeed speed control right on the gun, saving time for the operator by eliminating the need to go back to the machine to change spool gun wirefeed speed. In addition the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set features the Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system, which operates only when needed – reducing the amount of dust and dirt drawn into the machine as well as power consumption.

To reduce maintenance downtime and increase performance, the new model uses a built-in solid-state contactor circuit instead of mechanical output contacts, which required periodic replacing. The solid-state circuit makes wire electrically “cold” until the trigger is pulled.

An angled dual-gear drive system addresses the gun cable’s tendency to angle downward under gravity, eliminating wire feed friction caused when a straight-fed wire suddenly enters an angled gun cable. This feature also enables use of a longer 15-ft M-25 gun. The drive system is equipped with a spring-loaded drive roll assembly for easy wire changes, tool-less drive roll changeover and convenient drive roll storage.

The Millermatic 212 Auto-Set is compatible with Bobcat™ generators. Optional features include an elevated gun and cable rack and the Dual EZ-Change™ low cylinder rack with elevated gun and cable rack.

Miller Product Manager Quotes:

“With Auto-Set, you gain the speed, convenience and confidence of pre-set controls. All the user has to do is set the wire diameter [.030/.035, C25 shielding gas] and material thickness and Auto-Set automatically sets the welder to the proper voltage and wire speed parameters.”

Jon Ertmer, product manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.