Missouri Feeders Win 2010 ASCC

Fourth quarter goes to Beller Feedlot, with Wyoming cattle.

Osborn and Mitts are at it again.

If you follow the AngusSource® Carcass Challenge (ASCC), you might know that John Osborn and Pete Mitts, Savannah, Mo., partnered on the winning pen in 2009, and won a couple of quarterly contests in 2010. More than 92% of the 2009 pen made Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand and CAB Prime.

In the quarterly results for 2010, two pens fed at Osborn Farms went 100% CAB and CAB Prime. But it was the third-quarter 2010 pen that stood up against the second-quarter 100% pen.

Twenty-three of those 42 heifers harvested at National Beef Packing Co. in mid-September hit the CAB Prime target. That pen had a better ratio of Yield Grade 4s, at 7.14% vs. 7.89 for the second-quarter steers, though the steers did have more YG 1 and 2s at 42% vs. 24% for the heifers.

With other finalists and regional winners, Osborn and Mitts fed the top five pens overall, according to Sara Snider, AngusSource director. “They will collect $1,050 in prize money and jackets for all those wins,” she said.

The fourth quarter winner did not capture the 2010 grand prize, but the Wyoming ranch represents a new success story. Beller Feedlot, Lindsay, Neb., has been in the winner’s circle before, but not with these cattle. Dean and Ruth Vaughn, Chugwater, Wyo. (see, started enrolling in the AngusSource program three years ago.

They met Jim Beller in the 1990s and have been feeding with the Beller family ever since. The Vaughns were pleasantly surprised to learn they had won the fourth quarter 2010 with a pen of steers at Beller’s that made 66% CAB and CAB Prime. They don’t retain ownership, but they have established a great working relationship with brothers Terry and Mike Beller, who know the cattle enough by now to pay well above the commodity market.

The Vaughns started with Herefords, gave Peidmontese a try, went to Char-Angus crosses then slowly edged all other breeds but Angus out of the herd. They’ve used artificial insemination (AI) on their cows for the past 15 years, focusing on Angus genetics that produce a quality carcass, ribeye area and low birth weights.

In congratulating all 2010 ASCC winners, Snider said, “The quality of the entries was amazing, and we know that the 2011 contest will be no exception.”

Snider invited more CAB partner feedyards to participate, and encouraged Angus producers to talk to their feedyard about the contest.

“There is no cost to enter,” she said. “With quarterly and regional awards, there are lots of opportunities for more outstanding pens of Angus cattle to be recognized.”

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