MMI International Develops Vertical Beater Capabilities for New and Existing XHD and HSXHD Manure Spreaders

Brush, Colorado - - January 21, 2009 - - MMI International (MMI) announces the soon-to-be-released Vertical Beater attachment for its line of High Speed Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Manure Spreaders. This attachment can be installed on both MMI and Mohrlang XHD and HSXHD spreaders and will deliver a spread pattern of up to 32 feet.

The new vertical beater capability increases the width of discharge thus reducing the number of trips through the field. Fewer passes equate to lower fuel consumption, less field intrusion, and overall increased efficiency. Additionally, the design of the beaters ensures an even, consistent spread pattern reducing variations in crop vigor.

Jade Lammers, President of MMI, explains, “Our customers have asked for a wider spread pattern but stressed the need for a consistent spread that results in a uniformly productive field. Our goal is to maximize yield and minimize costs for our customers with new, innovative products. We believe this new design delivers.”

The vertical beater attachment will be featured at the National Farm Equipment Show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 11 – 14th. MMI International will be showing this and other mixer/feeder and spreader products in booth #5063.

About MMI, International

MMI is a leader in the manufacture of feeders, spreaders and delivery boxes for the livestock production industry. In addition to its own products, MMI provides parts and support for the former Mohrlang product line. MMI Products can be found worldwide and on the web at