Morton’s “Giving Away The Farm” Building Winner Announced

July 8, 2011

Morton Buildings is proud to announce that Karl Janssen of Van Horne, Iowa, is the 2010 Morton sweepstakes winner. Karl Janssen entered for his chance to win a building, valued up to $50,000, at the Iowa Farm Progress Show in Boone last year. Karl’s name was selected from all the entries submitted at participating shows across the country. His farm building is now complete, and Karl and his family couldn’t be happier with the results:

“Putting up a Morton building, I think they are the best building out there in the market...Even if I wouldn’t have won the Morton building, it would have been my choice of building. Morton, to me, is just a classy, high end or top of the line building and it looks very nice sitting up here on top of the hill.”

Karl was Morton’s big winner last year but it could be you this year! Morton Buildings is again “Giving Away the Farm” this summer. Register for your chance to win a building, valued up to $50,000, at participating farm shows. You can also visit our website for more information or alternative ways to enter.

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