Mountain City Meat Company Obtains Global Food Safety Initiative Certification

Mountain City Meat Company is proud to announce the achievement of an “A” score on our Global Food Safety Initiative Audit!

In April, 2009 we obtained certification from the British Retail Consortium through the Global Food Safety initiative. The GFSI is a worldwide program intended to encourage and document the highest standards of safety for the production of food.

MCMC’s effort to obtain the certification was a multi-year process. The dedication of extensive human resources, time and money to achieve the certification was well worth it as MCMC wants to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to our customers and consumers.

The Global Food Safety Initiative certification is an extremely rigorous endeavor. The benchmarking process is a procedure by which food safety-related practices are compared to the GFSI Standards. Standardization in food safety is an important worldwide objective. GFSI certification ensures that food safety processes and practices are implemented in an impartial, technically competent and transparent manner.

Mountain City Meat Company’s reputation is better than ever! Our focus on quality, exceptional service and customer-focused solutions comes from more than 50 years of experience as a custom Steak and Ground Beef manufacturer. We meet our customer needs with collaborative and innovative spirit. MCMC has 400 employees with locations in Denver Colorado and Nashville, Tennessee.