Pet and Feed Divisions Created to Focus on the Needs of Different Customer Categories

Muscatine, IA – (July 21, 2010) - Since 1927, the core competency of the Muscatine Foods Corporation has been their history of know-how in businesses related to nutrition products for humans and animals. Today, Muscatine Foods is announcing that they are capitalizing further on this key attribute by strategically uniting their livestock and pet nutrition subsidiary companies into the Kent Nutrition Group, Inc.

The Kent Nutrition Group will be comprised of two divisions. The new Feed Division will focus on the specific products and services important to commercial producers, horse owners, and “lifestyle” farmers. The new Pet Division will focus on developing innovative products for dog and cat owners, small animal enthusiasts and birders. “We believe having a customer-focused structure is a powerful strategy that will benefit the dealers and retailers we do business with, and spur growth,” says Gage A. Kent, Chairman and CEO of Muscatine Foods Corp. “Aligning our business to focus on the needs of specific customer groups will position us for future success,” added Kent.

Prior to the formation of the Kent Nutrition Group, subsidiary companies Blue Seal Feeds, Inc., Londonderry, New Hampshire; Kent Feeds, Inc., Muscatine, Iowa and Evergreen Mills, Ada, OK, a division of Kent Feeds, Inc., functioned independently in their own distinct geographic regions of the U.S., servicing commercial livestock producers, equine and lifestyle farmers, and pet owners. By realigning to a customer focused approach, the Kent Nutrition Group will have expanded capabilities to develop, manufacture and market superior and innovative products across the United States and in international markets, providing value and benefits their regional customers have enjoyed for decades.

The Feed Division of the Kent Nutrition Group will be led by Rich Dwyer, formerly President of Kent Feeds. This new division will be headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, with a regional sales and service office in Londonderry, New Hampshire. “Through the focused collaboration and technology-sharing of our commercial, equine, and family farm people, we will deliver greater knowledge and performance to our customers in every region,” says Dwyer.

The commercial feed industry which produces meat, milk, and eggs, is expanding to meet the nutritional needs of an ever-increasing global population. Providing more and better foods in a safe and sustainable way will drive this business. According to Dwyer, “The unification of our subsidiaries will maximize corporation-wide research and development of innovative products and services. Regardless of where a good idea for animal nutrition is generated by the Kent Nutrition Group, we will deliver it to all of our customers in every region”.

The Feed Division, organized to serve both commercial animal and farming ‘lifestyle’ customers, will also help deliver performance benefits to horse enthusiasts of all kinds. “By leveraging the combined strengths of our brands, as well as our dealer and distribution networks, we will energize our expansion in the fast-growing equine market and deliver greater value to our customers,” says Dwyer. The combined Kent Nutrition Group equine business currently ranks in the top three in the country.

The new Pet Division of the Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. will be led by Kevin Fields, formerly President of Blue Seal Feeds. This new division will be headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, with a regional sales and service office in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

While all of the subsidiary animal feed businesses of Muscatine Food Corporation have their origins in commercial livestock feeds, both Blue Seal Feeds and Kent Feeds have developed significant pet product brands to meet the needs of the ever-growing categories of dog, cat, small animal, and wild bird food markets. In addition, their sister company, Grain Processing Corporation, has developed a strong business in the all natural, high performance, environmentally sustainable cat litter business (World’s Best Cat Litter™).

According to Fields, “The strategic intention of the new Pet Division of the Kent Nutrition Group is to blend the respective strengths of each existing pet business across the organization, to create a stronger single entity focused strictly on the development, production, and delivery of research-proven pet products. The unification and focus will enable us to create a broader product portfolio to offer the pet specialty trade, expand our business among grocers and mass merchants, and enhance our ability to offer new and improved solutions for pet needs.”