NCBA Announces Second Annual Youth Contest Winners

WASHINGTON (Feb. 4, 2010) – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has announced winners of the youth contests at the 2010 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in San Antonio. This is the second year for the programs aimed at young people ages nine to young adult. The contests are focused on education, leadership and teamwork. NCBA Youth contests included Team Marketing, Beef Quiz Bowl, Prepared Public Speaking and Cattle Judging. The youth contests were coordinated by NCBA and exclusively sponsored by a grant from The Farm Credit System Foundation.

The Team Marketing contest had six teams compete with 18 total contestants. The collegiate division team winners, from Colorado State University, are: Cassie Lapaseotes, Kari Livingston and Samantha Plaggemeyer. The senior division team winners, from the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, include: Samantha Newman, Clint Thum and Courtney Wingate. The purpose of the Team Marketing Contest is to encourage teamwork while promoting development of communication skills, marketing techniques and an understanding of cattle performance information.

The Youth Beef Quiz Bowl, which offers opportunities to demonstrate knowledge related to the cattle industry, had four teams competing. The first-place team represented the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. Winning team members are: Cody Corson, Clint Thum, Brittany Warren, Haley Webb and Courtney Wingate.

The Prepared Public Speaking contest stimulates interest in leadership through presentation skills. Twenty- six contestants competed in three age groups: Under 10, 11-14 and 15-19. The winners are: Katie Gardner of Fayetteville, Ark. (10 and under), Shelby Schiefelbein of Kimball, Minn. (11-14), and Lesli Garrett of Canton, Tex. (15-19).

The Cattle Judging contest included a Novice Division (under age 9, or if it's their first judging contest, under age 11); Junior Division (ages 9-14); Senior Division (ages 14 to 19); and College Division. A total of 213 contestants competed in the four categories. The winners are:

Collegiate – 70 contestants

1) Justin Valusek, Texas A&M University

2) Brady Ragland, Blinn College, Tex.

3) Kody Lucherk, Blinn College, Tex.

Top Team: Blinn College (Team members: Brady Ragland, Kody Lucherk, Clay Morrison, Cody Marburger and Meg Drake)

Senior – 97 contestants

1) Tyler Gwosdz, Orange Grove, Tex. - FFA

2) Zach Post, Jackson County, Minn. - 4-H

3) Austin Langemeier, Marion, Tex. - FFA

Top Team: Marion, Texas FFA (Team members: Austin Langemeier, Matthew Murdoch, Kristiee Ikels and Donella Strom)

Junior – 36 contestants (judged as individuals, no teams)

1) Raynie Bentke, Burleson County, Tex.

2) Tyler Monroe, Burleson County, Tex.

3) Reagan Langemeier, Guadalupe County, Tex.

Novice – 10 contestants (judged as individuals, no teams)

1) Asher Haack, Blanco, Tex.

2) Carly Haack, Blanco, Tex.

3) Clay Wingate, Manatee, Fla