NCBA Launches New Website

KISSIMMEE, FLA. (Aug. 1, 2011) – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) launched its new website during the 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Kissimmee, Fla., today, Aug. 2, 2011. The organization’s website,, was given a facelift, according to NCBA CEO Forrest Roberts. He said the new site is intended to be a resource for cattlemen, media and anyone interested in NCBA, agricultural policy and other information related to the U.S. cattle industry.

“As the oldest and largest national organization representing cattle producers, it is important for our presence online to be impactful by providing useful and timely information that can be located effortlessly,” said Roberts. “Our previous site was outdated and in need of an overhaul in order to serve cattlemen and women more effectively, while also providing news and information to agribusiness, policymakers, consumers and media.”

The website is planned as a support mechanism for the association and hosts a range of interactive and informative features for a very broad and diverse audience – ranging from cattlemen to media. The website has been designed to make all of the services offered at NCBA easy to find and understand. The section on “Issues” lists the array of policy issues by category impacting cattlemen and women from environment to cattle marketing. The “Political Action” section allows cattlemen to easily identify sponsored legislation that could help or harm their operations and also provides a quick and easy means of contacting policymakers. Cattlemen can also find out how their elected leaders voted on a particular issue. The “Industry Information” section provides cattle industry statistics, NCBA’s Cattle Learning Center and production management resources.

NCBA Director of Communications Mike Deering said the new site incorporates traditional and new media resources for website visitors to quickly find news and information pertaining to the U.S. cattle industry. The “Media Center” contains news releases; opinion editorials; audio clips; social media feeds; video; and more to explain various topics about the industry.

“Our intention was to develop a site that would serve as a valuable resource to a very diverse audience. First and foremost, we wanted a site that would equip cattlemen with the tools needed to be as informed and vocal as possible,” said Deering. “Secondly, we wanted a place where the uniformed could quickly become informed. The new site is a one stop shop for anyone wanting the latest information about NCBA and the cattle industry.”