New A.I. Products From SyrVet

WAUKEE, Iowa (November 17, 2009) — Did you know SyrVet, Inc. carries a line of artificial insemination (A.I.) products for livestock? Our goal is to help ranchers and

farmers improve the breeding success and genetic traits of their herds. Also, with the use of SyrVet’s sanitary A.I. supplies, there is a reduced risk of disease transmission than if natural services are used.

A.I. Sheath

SyrVet offers several different artificial insemination sheaths for livestock, including a green insert with slit and blue insert without slit. The green sheaths are slit to work with O-ring insemination guns. The blue sheaths are unslit and are for use with spiral insemination guns. Both green and blue sheaths are for use with ½ cc and ¼ cc wick and powder plug straws.

The sheaths are made from PVC. The dimensions are 17.5” (44.45cm) long, 0.178” (0.452cm) O.D. They are packaged 50 per bag, 20 bags per case.

Sanitary Chemise

SyrVet offers a sanitary over-sheath, or chemise, for use in conjunction with our A.I. sheaths. The chemise is used as a protective plastic sleeve for insemination sheaths and prevents transmition of contaminants into the uterus during insemination. A slight forward push moves the clean sheath through the chemise’s protective tip, allowing the sheath to pass through the cervix.

The sanitary chemise is available in 18” and 21” long and comes in perforated, easy-tear rolls.

For more information on SyrVet’s A.I. Sheath, Chemise, or other artificial insemination products, please visit or call customer service at 1-800-727-5203.

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