New Analysis Confirms The Role of Optaflexx® In Producing Beef Efficiently

A new study analysis provides the most comprehensive information on the ability of Optaflexx® to improve weight gain and boost performance in steers. Data of this quantity on the performance attributes of Optaflexx is available to the industry for the first time and shows that producers can add 22.5 lbs live weight and 20.3 lbs hot carcass weight to steers with minimal effects on meat quality.¹

“This analysis is a great tool for producers to use when discussing Optaflexx implementation and inclusion level with their nutritionist or feed advisor,” says Nathan Pyatt, PhD and Elanco beef technical consultant. “With feed costs and beef prices where they are today, feed efficiency and gain are more important than ever to producers.”

The analysis incorporated 32 trials encompassing 26,483 head of cattle. The responses observed with Optaflexx showed an improvement in animal performance and carcass weight gain as the level of Optaflexx increased. Specifically, when compared to the control, Optaflexx fed to steers at 200 mg/hd/d improved feed efficiency* 14 percent, increased live weight gain 15.0 lbs and hot carcass weight 13.5 lbs. Optaflexx fed to steers at 300 mg/hd/d improved feed efficiency* 16 percent, increased live weight gain 22.5 lbs and hot carcass weight 20.3 lbs.¹

“The 32 trials analyzed met specific criteria such as pen-level data, a negative control group and at least one Optaflexx treatment that was fed according to the label,” said Pyatt. “A meta-analysis inversely weighs each study according to the amount of variation it has, so the less variation there was in a study, the more weight the study was given in this analysis.”

In a highly dynamic marketplace, Optaflexx is the only beta-agonist that offers more management options,** allowing producers to respond to changes in the market while optimizing both live and carcass performance during the final 28 to 42 days cattle are on feed.

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¹Elanco Study No. T4VUS120012.
*Feed efficiency improvement based on last 28 to 42 days of the feeding period.
**Based on zero-day withdrawal and dose range.