A New Generation of Tractors from AGCO

New line of AGCO tractors delivers reduced emissions and greater efficiency with new engine technology.

AGCO says that together the new tractors and AGCO tractor dealers provide a unique ability to help family farmers conserve, succeed and build a legacy.

DULUTH, GA (February 24, 2009) — AGCO Tractors is putting technology, control and comfort into the hands of the family farmer with the introduction of the DT Series tractors. Newly designed from the ground up, this tractor is built to support many of the same values as AGCO Tractors customers: conservation of our resources, strong environmental stewardship, and working with strength and endurance.

"We've listened to our customers talk about what they want in their tractors," says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for high-horsepower tractors. "And then we added bigger, quieter cabs, more advanced engine management, and breakthrough transmission technology. We now deliver that combination of power, comfort, technology and performance that no other tractor in this class can match today."

AGCO Tractors introduce an all new generation of row crop tractors: the DT Series. Offering a more powerful tractor with a comfortable cab environment allows the operator to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Designed from the ground up, these four tractor models feature new body styling, a larger cab, more advanced engine management and breakthrough transmission technology.

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The series features four models with new, higher horsepower ratings, including: the DT205B with 205 PTO hp; DT225B with 225 PTO hp; DT250B with 250 PTO hp; and DT275B rated at 275 PTO hp with a maximum 350 ISO engine hp. The new AGCO SISU POWER™ 8.4 L engine is equipped with a new and better way to meet the current EPA emissions regulations. And, the new technology will be able to handle future emissions requirements without sacrificing power or efficiency. The DT Series is introducing the e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates.

Offering a more powerful tractor with a comfortable cab environment in the field allows the operator to get more work done. A new generation of styling features a one-piece hood with easy access to the engine, and improved forward visibility. A new sculpted chassis, with a new front axle, provides a solid foundation for the DT Series. And the front axle is heavier, with larger final drives for strength to handle larger draft loads and weight.

"One benefit of the new front axle support casting allows the use of a fully-integrated front 3-point hitch option," Hoult says. "The new 3-point hitch is stronger and more compact for improved lifting capacity of up to 11,000 pounds, which allows it to handle cultivators, plows, fertilizer tanks, etc." The front power take off (PTO) drive option, which features a 21-spine, 1000 rpm shaft, will power a variety of front-mounted implements.

Welcome to your new office

How many hours per day are spent operating your tractor? Recognizing the need for comfort and convenience, AGCO Tractors is introducing an entirely new cab. The 4-post cab is almost 30 percent larger than the previous model, with 67 square feet of glass providing a 360° view. And, with farmers spending long hours in the cab, it gives them the features and amenities that their field office should.

"The cab gives you the room you need to stretch your arms and legs. My feet can fit under the seat because there’s no seat platform; we have a full, flat floor," says Blane Clark, product marketing specialist for high-horsepower tractors. "The comfort of this cab is important because it’s going to help the operator better focus on the job, become more efficient and ultimately get more done in less time. Less time on the job means more time for family and community."

The panoramic cab puts command of the machine at the operator's fingertips. The armrest-mounted controls include all key functions and up to six hydraulic control valves. The armrest also holds the optional Command Center Display (CCD) console that provides advanced ISOBUS connectivity, for plug-and-play integrated control of any ISOBUS-compliant equipment. The CCD also includes video capability for up to two remote cameras.

Other cab improvements include:

• Added adjustable vents, including three new low-level vents for improved air distribution and temperature control

• New Opti-Ride cab suspension system with advanced motion control that smoothes out the bumps and minimizes any uncomfortable fore-and-aft movements when starting and stopping

• A redesigned dash for improved forward ground visibility

• Exterior lighting touchpad to make it easy to control the extensive selection of fieldwork and travel lighting combinations on the DT Series

• Larger field cooler, and a laptop area, along with a cell phone holder and outlet

• Adjustable staircase ladder for easy access in and out of the tractor

Dynamic Tractor Management

Built for today's row crop farmer, the DT Series offers simplicity and unparallel performance with the introduction of the all-new, industry-leading continuously variable transmission (CVT) with Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM). The DT Series CVT with DTM is the most efficient, stepless transmission on the market, reducing the amount of horsepower and fuel needed to do the job.

"A CVT is far better than earlier tractor transmission technology because it can always provide the exact speed you need to operate with high efficiency while covering more ground in less time," says Rawley Hicks, product marketing specialist for high-horsepower tractors. The CVT offers two variable speed ranges: from 0 to 17 mph for field applications, and up to 32 mph with the optional front-axle suspension system.

The CVT transmission, coupled with the Dynamic Tractor Management system makes it much easier for the operator to constantly run the tractor at the most efficient engine rpm while maintaining high productivity from the tractor and implements. DTM comes standard on all DT Series tractors, and provides infinite speed control from super creep to transport speed without shifting, jerking or delay in traction and power.

"DTM automates many things for the operator making him more efficient. The DTM will run the tractor with the push of a button, and maintains the required speed by managing both the engine speed and transmission ratio, so it is always running at the right speed, and at the optimal RPM," Hicks says. "All you have to do is move the CVT control lever to attain the desired ground speed. Once you start moving, the engine and the transmission talk to each other to figure out the best rpm. The engine will adjust the throttle as necessary to save fuel, reduce engine noise and extend service life."

e3 delivers cleaner air, purer performance

AGCO Tractors is also introducing the e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to the agricultural industry in these new tractors as a better way to meet current and future EPA compliance for emissions. Using this proven emissions technology, the DT Series tractors convert the nitrogen oxides (NOx) that exit the engine into harmless nitrogen and water vapor by injecting diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into the exhaust.

"The e3 technology makes the DT Series the cleanest emissions tractor in their class, while maintaining unparalleled fuel economy," says John Rogers, Senior Product Trainer for AGCO Corporation. "That allows us to improve our fuel usage by up to 15% over current tractors in its class."

SCR allows the engine to perform at optimum power, performance and economy, without making alterations to meet exhaust gas emissions requirements. Instead the SCR system treats the diesel exhaust with DEF fluid in the presence of a catalyst to convert NOx into nitrogen and water vapor. DEF, a urea-based product, is marketed under names like TerraCair™ and AdBlue®. With the widespread adoption of SCR technology by the trucking industry, DEF is rapidly becoming available at thousands of fuel stations and other outlets nationwide.

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