New Limousin EPDs Available

Expected progeny differences (EPDs) from the spring 2010 International Limousin Genetic Evaluation now are available on the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) Web site ( Pedigree and performance records for more than 2 million Limousin-based cattle in the United States and Canada underpin the latest sire summary, which includes more than 1,700 bulls.

Users can employ the site’s “Sire Selector” tool to specify EPD-selection criteria in searching qualified U.S. and Canadian Limousin and Lim Flex® bulls. The pedigree and EPD lookup allows them to search for information – including available DNA-test results – about a particular animal.

The site’s “Genetic Evaluation” section includes the spring 2010 EPD statistics, percentiles and trends; sire summary qualifications; general sire listing; trait leaders; and downloadable sire summary. A CD-ROM containing those files or a printed copy of them is available for $10 from the NALF office, (303) 220-1693.

The spring edition also includes the breed’s list of trait-leading dams.

This is the fourth semiannual analysis for which Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) has calculated the Limousin breed’s EPDs and accuracies for birth, weaning and yearling weights; milking ability; and scrotal circumference.

“Working with AGI offers some distinct advantages, especially for breeders and commercial users of Lim Flex genetics,” said Lauren Hyde, Ph.D., director of performance programs for NALF. “The improved hereditary ties to Angus seedstock make genetic predictions for Lim Flex animals the most timely and reliable of any for Angus-influenced hybrid seedstock.”

During its 40-plus years in North America, upgrading of Limousin breed composition chiefly has occurred from Angus-based animals, Hyde added; therefore, more accurate accounting for past and present-day Angus genetics also enhances predictions for purebred and fullblood Limousin animals.

“No other multibreed genetic evaluation in the world more thoroughly incorporates performance information from two populations of animals as does AGI’s work for NALF,” she said.

“Our 13 EPDs and Mainstream Terminal Index predict genetic rankings among animals, and they are the most accurate predictors of genetic merit,” Hyde explained. “Our genetic evaluation provides Limousin breeders and their commercial customers with helpful selection tools for genetic improvement.”

Limousin and Lim Flex bull buyers can get updated EPD reports for their bull inventories free of charge by contacting the NALF office. Active NALF members can view their whole-herd EPDs via the Web site’s secured, members-only portion ( They also can request EPDs from the NALF office free of charge. New performance records are available for a nominal fee.