New Millermatic® Reach Wire Feeder Extends Welding Work Area by 40 Ft., Offers Dual-Feeding Capabilities

Rugged, lightweight wire feeder dramatically increases welding reach of Millermatic® MIG welders in fabrication, maintenance and repair applications; offers dual-feeding capabilities without switching spools of wire.

Highlights/Key Facts• Extends welding work area of Millermatic® 212 with Auto-Set™, 251, 252 and 350P MIG welders by 40 ft.

• Allows welders to run a second wire without the hassle of changing spools and settings.

• Auto-Gun Detect™ immediately recalls voltage and wire feed speed of the active gun, ensuring setting consistency.

APPLETON, Wis., October 13, 2009— The new Millermatic® Reach wire feeder extends the work area of the Millermatic 212 with Auto-Set™, 251, 252 and 350/350P MIG welders up to 40 ft. and adds dual wire feeding capabilities to any application, reducing changeover time associated with changing wire spools. The feeder connects to the welder via its 10-pin Amphenol connector, holds wire spools up to 12-inches in diameter and retains the welding output of the Millermatic welder.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. designed the Millermatic Reach to extend work distances between the welder and welding location, such as in sign, boat, trailer and maintenance applications. Miller also designed the feeder for greater flexibility in wire selection; users can now switch instantly between wire types or sizes without having to change spools, drive rolls or tension settings. Miller’s Auto-Gun Detect™ feature also allows users to simply pick up either gun—the welder’s regular gun or the gun connected to the Millermatic Reach—and weld without having to change settings. The welder immediately recalls both the voltage and wire feed speed of the active gun.