New Mycomune® R Approved to Help Prevent Respiratory Disease in Calves

ST. JOSEPH, Mo., October 31, 2008 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture has granted approval of Mycomune® R, a vaccine to help prevent respiratory disease in calves caused by Mycoplasma bovis. This new vaccine, which contains antigens against four economically important strains of M. bovis, can be administered to beef and dairy calves as young as three weeks of age. Mycomune R was developed by CEVA Biomune, a leading manufacturer of vaccines for animals, and is being marketed exclusively in the United States by AgriLabs.

"With Mycomune R, veterinarians and producers now have another weapon to use in the fight against respiratory disease in calves," says Charlie Higdon, business unit manager, AgriLabs.

"Mycomune R offers producers significant advantages over previous products for preventing Mycoplasma bovis," said Jessica Newberry, DVM with Biomune Co. "Producers can administer the vaccine to calves at a much younger age and help prevent the symptoms of mycoplasma, which include cough, ear infections, and mucous discharge."

Mycomune R contains the same four highly immunogenic protective strains found in the current Biomune Co. product Mycomune, which has been available for three years and is the only USDA-approved vaccine for the prevention and control of mastitis caused by Mycoplasma bovis in mature cows. Compared to similar products that are not approved for use until 45 days of age, Mycomune R offers a significant advantage of vaccinating calves early so they can develop immunity before being commingled with other cattle, which usually occurs by 45-60 days of age. Additionally, Mycomune R has a withdrawal period of only 21 days, versus 60 days for competitive products.

"When used according to label, Mycomune R shows outstanding protection — even in the face of harsh conditions — providing better livability and rate of gain in calves," said Higdon.

Recommended use for Mycomune R is an initial vaccination of 2 mL administered subcutaneously in the neck, followed by two subsequent doses at two to four week intervals.

For more information about new Mycomune R, visit, call this toll-free number: (800) 542-8916 or contact your local AgriLabs representative.

AgriLabs is an animal-health sales-and-marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States. The company’s partnership structure and philosophy, together with a commitment to expeditious product development, provides a smooth, efficient system for manufacturers to transfer technology from research laboratories to the marketplace. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced a number of state-of-the-art products to the beef and dairy industries.

Based in Lenexa, Kan., CEVA Biomune produces more than 50 USDA-licensed vaccines and bacterins for the animal-health industry, and serves customers in 37 countries. The company’s rapid growth has been marked by technology breakthroughs such as the world’s first licensed Salmonella enteritidis poultry vaccines, now considered the world’s standard. CEVA Biomune offers a quality line of inactivated, recombinant and live vaccines, and custom-made autogenous vaccines in the combinations needed for modern livestock production.


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