New Opportunities In Beef Cattle Genomic Testing

Angus Genetics Inc.® and GeneSeek®, a Neogen Corporation subsidiary headquartered in Lincoln, Neb., are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the GeneSeek Angus GGP-HD test. Results from this advanced test will be incorporated into Angus genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs), which are available on a weekly basis through the American Angus Association®National Cattle Evaluation.

“High density DNA tests are of great benefit to Angus breeders seeking to improve their herds through genomic-enhanced EPDs,” says Bill Bowman, American Angus Association chief operating officer and AGI president. “These EPDs incorporate all known sources of information including pedigree, performance records and genomic results, which provide cutting-edge genetic selection tools for breeders of all sizes. This new test expands the options for breeders who use DNA testing.”

The GeneSeek Angus GGP-HD test, or GeneSeek Genomic Profiler, replaces the well-known Igenity®Profile for Angus test and is priced at $75. The custom, high density GeneSeek Genomic Profiler (GGP-HD) features a unique new design with SNP content selectively chosen from studies on thousands of animals. The GeneSeek Angus GGP-HD test includes parentage at no extra charge. In addition, specialty add-on tests will be available for a number of genetic conditions which can be included for as little as $8 per test.  

Bowman emphasizes that a key goal with the GeneSeek Angus GGP-HD test is to provide an additional option for Angus breeders interested in genomic-enhanced EPDs, while also offering a cost-effective way to include additional tests.

GeneSeek, a subsidiary of Neogen, acquired the Igenity bioinformatics system in 2012.

In 2009, AGI, in collaboration with Igenity, provided the beef industry with Angus-specific genomic-enhanced EPDs. Since that time, AGI has continued to foster the research and implementation strategy with GeneSeek to continue to bring high-quality genomic tests into the weekly EPD updates used by Angus breeders and their customers.

“The technology we provide at GeneSeek allows us to deliver an HD genomic test with quality lab procedures at an attractive price,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, beef genomics director for GeneSeek. “We value our relationship with AGI and members of the American Angus Association, and see the GGP-HD as an exciting next step in the evolution of genomic technology.”

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