New Package Offers More Parasite Control Options For Beef Producers

Beef producers looking for convenient control of horn flies and lice now have another option from Elanco ― a larger package size for StandGuard® Pour-on. The new 4.5 L size is available in addition to the current 900 mL size. A single bottle of the new size can treat 450 cattle weighing less than 600 lbs or 300 cattle greater than 600 lbs with a single application.

“As producers prepare to put cattle out on pasture, this product size gives them more options to get effective, powerful  horn  fly control,” said Doug Hufstedler, PhD and Elanco beef technical consultant. “All sizes and types of operations can use what works for them, as the 4.5 L size offers a new solution for operations treating large groups of cattle at one time.”

As temperatures warm up during the next few months, the threat of horn flies increases. Horn flies are the No. 1 pest for U.S. pasture cattle, costing producers more than $876 million1 annually ― so getting effective and powerful control at the start of the season is essential. Additionally, heavy horn fly populations can reduce stocker gains 15 to 50 lbs, calf weaning weights 10 to 15 lbs and milk production in pastured cows by 20 percent.2

“The larger bottle size also is well-suited for control of lice in the feedyard,” said Hufstedler. “Producers might not realize that moderate to heavy lice infestations can significantly reduce gain by as much as 9.2 percent, which is equivalent to 0.21 lbs/hd/day.”2,3,4

StandGuard Pour-on delivers effective control of horn flies and season long control of lice with one application. Containing gamma-cyhalothrin, the most potent pyrethroid on the market,5 StandGuard has quick-kill action and is an excellent choice for parasite-control rotations.

Beef producers can purchase both sizes of StandGuard Pour-on through traditional animal health suppliers.

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

About Elanco
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