New Spoolmate™ 200 Spool Gun Optimizes MIG Aluminum Welding in Farm and Ranch Applications

New Spoolmate™ 200 offers farmers and ranchers a cost-effective aluminum MIG welding solution, remote adjustable wire feed speed settings and multiple barrel options.

Highlights/Key Facts

• Wire feed adjustment at the handle and 20-foot power cable provide convenient remote wire feed speed adjustments for welding atop combines and other large implements.

• Curved, heavy-duty and extended barrel options and internal shielding gas line increase operator’s ability to access tight joint configurations.

• Clear wire spool and drive assembly cover provides easy access to wire drive components and to view wire on wire spool.

• Offers direct connection to Millermatic 212 with Auto-Set and Millermatic 252 power sources for seamless transition between steel and aluminum welding.

• List price of $700.

APPLETON, Wis., Oct. 12, 2009—Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces its new Spoolmate™ 200 spool gun, designed as a cost-effective option for farm and ranch aluminum fabrication and repair work.

Increasing the farmer or rancher’s work area, the Spoolmate 200 features handle-based wire feed speed adjustment and a 20-foot power cable, allowing them to conveniently adjust their wire parameters while working at a distance from their power source.

The Spoolmate 200 also offers curved and extended barrel options, ideal for tight and difficult-to-reach joint configurations. Also improving joint access, the shielding gas hose is bundled within the power cable assembly, removing an obstruction common in many aluminum spool guns. For higher-amperage aluminum welding, an optional heavy-duty barrel is also available.

The Spoolmate 200 plugs directly into the Millermatic® 212 w/Auto-Set™ and the Millermatic® 252, both of which feature spool gun direct connections so that users do not need to remove their steel MIG gun to install their aluminum spool gun. For added convenience, the Spoolmate 200 contains a built-in gas solenoid, allowing farmers to switch processes without changing gas cylinders.

Rated to 160 amps at a 60-percent duty cycle—the same as the Millermatic 212 w/Auto-Set—the Spoolmate 200 accepts .030-in. and .035-in. wire. List price is $700. The Spoolmate 200 provides a product with a price point and duty cycle positioned between the Spoolmate 100 (light welding applications) and the Spoolmatic 15A and 30A (industrial fabrication and repair applications).