Novartis Introduces Website For NUPLURA PH With Resources For Preventing Calf Pneumonia

Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. has created a website exclusively for NUPLURA® PH, a new vaccine for beef and dairy cattle that provides fast-acting protection against bovine pneumonia caused by Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica.
The website,, provides information designed to help producers reduce the risk of calf pneumonia, shipping fever and bovine respiratory disease (BRD) complex by preventing Mannheimia haemolytica bacterial infections.
“M. haemolytica—formerly known as Pasteurella—is the leading cause of BRD complex and the bacteria most frequently isolated from pneumonic lungs,” said Doug Scholz, DVM, director of veterinary services, Novartis Animal Health. “It is a primary cause of severe pneumonia and death loss, as 29 percent of all U.S. cattle deaths are attributed to BRD." ¹
NUPLURA PH differs from other M. haemolytica vaccines because of the advanced cellular technology used to purify antigens in the vaccine. As the first and only U.S. cattle vaccine developed with recombinant technology, NUPLURA PH contains only purified leukotoxoid to deliver the strongest immune response with minimal reactivity. It is the first new M. haemolytica vaccine available in the U.S. in over 10 years.
In addition to disease information, prevention strategies and vaccination guidelines, the website also provides access to educational video clips, technical bulletins and email alerts.
“At Novartis Animal Health, our focus is on prevention,” added Scholz. “Our goal is to help beef and dairy producers minimize the incidence of disease and economic burdens that come with managing and treating sick animals. All of the tools and information we’ve included on are designed to help cattle producers minimize the risk of BRD in their herds.”
To learn more about NUPLURA PH and cattle health management tips that drive maximum performance, visit www.nuplura.com or contact your Novartis Animal Health representative.