Novus International, Inc., Announces Commitment to Beef Industry

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, January 28, 2010 – Novus International, Inc., announced today at the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show that it is now offering more options to the beef industry for customized nutrition programs to help cattle operations achieve goals and maximize profits.

“We are allocating dedicated resources and launching innovative new products and programs to the beef market,” said Dan Meagher, Vice President of the Americas, Novus International. “We are committed to helping beef producers, feedlot managers, nutritionists, consultants and feed manufacturers achieve improved performance and meat quality characteristics while enhancing health through nutrition for the animals in their care.”

Novus International develops nutritional solutions for the animal agriculture industry. In addition to its long-standing work in the dairy, poultry and pork industries, Novus is now bringing trace minerals, amino acids, dietary antioxidants, yeasts, organic acids, enzymes and other nutrition supplements to the beef industry.

“Feed usually accounts for the single largest input cost associated with beef cattle production, and nutrition is one of the most important variables that can influence an operation’s bottomline,” Meagher said. “We have a wide range of essential nutrients backed by proven research to help the beef industry address the challenges of today and for the future.”

As demand for beef increases in developing countries around the world, nutritional advances are critical to help meet that demand. The proper combination of amino acids, enzymes and chelated trace minerals help animals reach their maximum genetic potential. Novus products are proven to help improve average daily gains, reproductive performance, boost animals’ immune s