Old Used Bones Available

Texas Longhorn polished and bleached skulls are the "in" thing for western aficionados serious about decor authenticity. To supply the need, Longhorns Head to Tail Store (LHT) is providing Texas Longhorn skulls elegant enough for the most formal lair. Each skull is one of a kind, from a steer raised right up the hollow. When older Texas Longhorns become incapacitated they are immortalized as a beautiful permanent wall mount. Many are available with a registration certificate plus a color photo of the living critter.

Dickinson Cattle Company runs several hundred Texas Longhorn cattle in the Appalachians of Belmont county Ohio. The ranch grows these one-of-a-kind store products. About 50 skulls a year are available from the older twisty horned stock. The supply of really large spreads is limited because most of the young cattle are used for Certified Texas Longhorn Beef, sold at LHT Store.

The beginning of the business originated with a horrible stroke of disaster when the family ranch was located in the high elevations of Colorado. During a deadly blizzard, March 10, 1977, over 40% of the herd froze to death. The ranch was almost doomed to financial disaster. After the blizzard the cattle skulls were recovered and polished. There was so much demand for the polished skulls, a new business began. DCCI General Manager, Darol Dickinson, says, "We were excited to find the polished Longhorn skulls were worth nearly as much as the living cattle." The sale of polished skulls was influential in rebuilding the Longhorn herd.

Today a 26 step process has been developed by LHT to preserve ivory white skulls. They are easy to ship by UPS. Numerous specimen skulls have been exported beyond the United States. LHT also produces full shoulder taxidermy steer mounts on a wait-your-turn basis. These are colorful faced steers with over six foot serpentine spreads.

The Head to Tail name represents the store cattle products never found at Wal-Mart. Inventory includes steer items of skulls, head mounts, horn mounts, tanned hair on hides, tail mounts, lean Certified Texas Longhorn Beef, chuck wagon style jerky, heat and serve grass fed roast beef, etc. For more information on LHT skulls and all cattle products check or call 740 758 5050

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