Pfizer Animal Health Donates $25,000 to Tennessee, Kentucky Disaster Relief Efforts

NEW YORK — July 6, 2010 — Pfizer Animal Health contributed $25,000 to the Tennessee Farm Bureau, Tennessee Cattlemen's Association and Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association’s disaster relief efforts to help farmers and ranchers affected by the recent floods.

“We understand how damaging the floods were to rural communities,” says Rod Hutcheson, area sales manager for Pfizer Animal Health in Bowling Green, Ky. “Tennessee and Kentucky have deep agricultural roots. We want to ensure farmers and ranchers in these states can quickly recover. Partnering with the Tennessee Farm Bureau and Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association allows the support to go directly to the rural areas that need it most.”

The Tennessee Farm Bureau established the Tennessee Farm Disaster Response Fund in 2008. When disaster strikes in the state, grants are issued to help rebuild agricultural infrastructure and help those who sustained substantial damage. Contributions to the Tennessee Cattlemen's Association will be administered through this well-recognized state fund as well.

“When the floods hit, the urban areas got a lot of attention, but many rural areas were devastated as well,” says Julius Johnson, chief administrative officer of the Tennessee Farm Bureau. “Rural areas can have a harder time recovering from disasters without adequate resources to help rebuild roads, bridges, schools and other public facilities.”

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association also will target rural communities and ranchers for rebuilding efforts. Its 97 county associations will identify and nominate local cattlemen or communities in need of support. A committee will review all the requests and grant resources to those most affected.

“There was a lot of damage along the Tennessee-Kentucky line,” says Dave Maples, executive vice president of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association. “Our cattle are now facing considerable health challenges like bloat resulting from the wet weather. We are not out of the woods yet, and it’s great to continue seeing support for the area.”

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