Pfizer Animal Health Introduces SolidBac® for Convenient Pinkeye Protection

NEW YORK (April 24, 2009) – Pfizer Animal Health has made vaccination against pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovis an easy one-step process. SolidBac® Pinkeye IR/PR® aids in the prevention and control of pinkeye (infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis) by administering both the initial and booster doses at the same time with a unique delivery system.

The SoliDoser® applicator delivers two antigen pellets into the animal in one step. The immediate release (IR) pellet introduces pinkeye antigens to the immune system immediately. The second programmed release (PR) pellet delivers pinkeye antigens slowly to the immune system during a two- to three-week period, providing the required booster dose. SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR comes ready to use with controlled dosage, which means cattle producers can reduce waste and spillage.

For more information on how SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR can benefit your operation by offering solid 2-dose pinkeye protection with 1-dose convenience, consult your Pfizer Animal Health representative or local veterinarian.

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