Pfizer Animal Health Showcases Interactive Classrooms at 83rd National FFA Convention

Agricultural educators get hands-on training for inspiring future U.S. veterinarians

MADISON, N.J. (Oct. 21 , 2010)— Agricultural educators received up-close lessons in experiential learning today at the 83rd National FFA Convention. Those lessons, part of Pfizer Animal Health’s unique Interactive Classroom, are designed to introduce teachers to innovative ways of engaging students in animal agriculture.

The program—a staple of FFA’s annual convention for many years—is part of Pfizer Animal Health’s Commitment to Veterinarians, an initiative supporting veterinarians through training and education, research and development, and investment in the future of the profession. The future of the veterinary profession largely relies on tomorrow’s agricultural leaders making it imperative to support this type of program and educate students that could become part of the animal health industry one day.

Participation in the Pfizer Animal Health Interactive Classroom is voluntary for all who attend the convention, an event that attracted more than 50,000 attendees in 2009.

Professional development in animal science subject matter is mostly lacking, thus is frequently requested by educators from around the country.

“The Pfizer Animal Health Interactive Classroom provides content material agricultural teachers have been asking for—from instructional techniques to engaging students in agricultural education,” said J. Michael McFarland, DVM, Diplomate ABVP, and Group Director of Veterinary Medical Services & Corporate Citizenship for Pfizer Animal Health.

The National FFA Organization’s agricultural education program provides instruction in all areas of agriculture including food, fiber, renewable fuels and natural resources to nearly one million students in grades 7-12. The program has provided the vehicle for students to gain knowledge in and about agriculture, develop necessary skills for future success in more than 300 agricultural careers and develop the leadership abilities that are so critical for students to be effective in the workforce.

“Pfizer Animal Health makes an impact in the overall delivery of agricultural education experience by providing educators with current and industry-based content,” said McFarland. “We want to do our part to help teachers get their students engaged and interested in a future in animal health.”

In addition to the Interactive Classroom, Pfizer Animal Health support for The National FFA Organization through donations to help with local chapter activities and scholarships. Pfizer has donated more than $2.38 million to the FFA through the Pfizer Animal Health support program since 2008.

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