Press Release - CCG & EBS Working Together

Camp Cooley Genetics and Elgin Breeding Service have had a close working relationship for years. We are proud to announce the expansion of that relationship. Effective immediately EBS will be responsible for the semen collection from all of our bulls. After serious consideration and reviewing all of the opportunities, we came to the decision which will offer us and our customers numerous benefits of working with the established and professional team at EBS. We urge all of our customers to join us in this very beneficial relationship and move all your custom semen collection to EBS.

Elgin Breeding Service was founded by Dr. WH Cardwell in 1954. Since that time, EBS has grown into one of the largest and most experienced custom semen collection companies in the world. EBS is a CSS certified facility that is family owned and managed. Three generations, with Hillary Voelker as manager of EBS/WEST, are involved with the company.

Elgin Breeding Service is dedicated to semen collection and storage. One of the many benefits of bulls collected by EBS is their commitment to year-around collection. EBS/WEST is situated at a cool, dry 7,000 foot altitude giving bulls an ideal environment for summertime semen collection. This location is also CSS certified to allow for collection of semen for sale in the international markets.

When you need to collect bulls, purchase or market semen, nothing has changed. Camp Cooley Genetics will organize for our customers the bull collection and semen storage at EBS. We will continue to market both our Camp Cooley Genetics' semen and that of our customers.