Priefert Ranch Equipment Welcomes Baxter Black To Its Team

Priefert Ranch Equipment is extremely proud to welcome Baxter Black to its family of Endorsees.  Priefert will be partnering with Baxter to help bring his unique perspective and cowboy brand of humor to agriculturally related groups across the country, particularly those involved in the cattle industry.  Described by the New York Times as “…probably the nation's most successful living poet," everything about Baxter is cowboy; his cartoonish mustache, his personality and his poetry.  A much respected character in our industry, Priefert felt Baxter was a natural fit.

When asked for his thoughts about partnering with Priefert, Baxter replied, “You’re known by the company you keep.  I found a friend in Priefert.  It’s a 3rd generation business that holds the values I think are what makes America great; God, country, family, hard work and caring about their neighbor.  It’s gonna be a pleasure to be part of what they stand for.”

Priefert is equally excited about the opportunity work with Baxter.  Jeff Rash, VP of Sales & Marketing had this to say, “Baxter Black is well known to those who enjoy the western lifestyle and is a rare American treasure.  I’ve watched and read Baxter’s material since I was a boy, and like many young aspiring cowboys from my generation, Baxter’s wit, charm and values helped mold me into the man I’ve become.  I’ve ridden with him in the bad lands of Arizona, I’ve worked cattle in the hot sun beside him and I’ve gotten to know him as a friend, as well as a mentor.  They don’t make them like Baxter anymore, and it’s a true honor for our company to be associated with a cowboy of his caliber.”  

Priefert is one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world.  Founded in 1964 by Marvin Priefert and located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Priefert is considered the leading innovator in the livestock handling industry.  With over 600 employees and a dealer network of over 900 dealers around the world, Priefert is recognized as having the highest quality equipment on the market.  Priefert is proud to have its equipment used and endorsed by the top rodeo, roping, and equine organizations in the country.  For more information, visit www.priefert.comor call 1-800-527-8616.

Baxter makes a living shining a spotlight on the flaws and foibles of everyday cowboy life. He demonstrates that it is the truth in humor that makes it funny.  As he says, "that's why there's no science fiction jokes!"  This former large animal veterinarian can be followed nationwide through his weekly column,radio program and commentaries on RFD TV, the U.S. Farm Report, through his books and CD's, in addition to his frequent public appearances from sea to shiny Priefert head catch! For more information, visit