beef records are vital to management success

Caption This Photo To Win A Copy Of “Cowboy Wisdom”

Spring is a busy time of year for cattlemen. What with calving, planting, and getting ready to move pairs to summer pastures, there’s a lot on our minds and always a full day’s job to do. One of the most important things a rancher does this time of year is check his newborn calves [3] and watch for any signs of coccidiosis, scours, pneumonia or anything else that might slow those babies down.

So, we make our lists and check them twice. Our calf [4] records hold a wide range of information, such as birthdate and birthweight, sire and dam, calving difficulty score, color, polled or horned, etc. We also track if a calf has had treatment and how often. These little details add up in the big scheme of things, and I’m certain most ranchers maintain some kind of records [5], whether it’s in a spare notebook or on an expensive computer program.

Either way, this photo, taken by Lauren Chase, Montanta Stockgrower’s Association’s communications director, captures the spirit of the cowboy and his never-ending checks over his stock. The photo was taken near McMinnville, TN, and I’m sure hoping and praying we start to green up around here [6] like it is down there!

The caption contest will run from today until noon on April 26. We will select three best captions to win a copy of “Cowboy Wisdom -- What The World Can Learn From The Wit And Wisdom Of The West,” [7] by David Stevenson, with photography by David Stoecklein. To enter, simply leave your best caption idea in the comments section below.

As a side note, only registered readers can comment; we unfortunately can’t award prizes to “Anonymous.” Registering is easy. Just click here to sign up. [8]

I can’t wait to read your captions. Good luck to all participants!


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