family beach vacation without horses

A Family Vacation Without Horses Or Cows

As you are reading this, my wife, our children and I are on our first vacation that doesn’t involve cattle or horses. I was excited to go, because I knew the rest of my family [3] was excited.

Those who know me best might think I wasn’t totally excited because of the cost. Actually, the one thing agriculture has taught me is to shrug at the loss of thousands of dollars. The truth is that the bigger emotional hurdle to going on vacation is that I haven’t developed my management system [4] to the point where I can leave for 10 days without at least one disaster [5] occurring. It was a lot of work just to get ready to leave.

I was even comfortable with the prospect of wearing shorts [6] in public for the first time in 20 years. It didn’t even bother me that the kids were joking about issuing glare warnings when my legs finally see daylight.

Florida in July might be warm, but I’m looking forward to that as well. No, my biggest problem with this vacation is simply that it won’t involve cattle or horses, and I left the home place not knowing if I knew how to function as a non-rancher.

I must admit that before I got on the plane I had that same emotion that is portrayed in the prison movie, “The Shawshank Redemption.” You know, where a man becomes so institutionalized that he isn’t sure he can survive out there in the real world. If you take away my cowboy boots [7]and don’t allow me to talk about the weather, the market or pedigrees for 10 days, I really wonder how I will carry on a conversation.

I know I should be excited, but I’m already worried about everything that could go wrong at home. Hopefully, all goes well. But I think I’ll need another vacation when I return from this one.


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