winter moisture

Hurray. It’s Snow... At Last!

Some of the tougher drought areas got blasted with a really big snowstorm this week. The amazing thing about people suffering through a drought is that you won’t find them complaining about moisture in any form. They might be in the middle of calving season [3], but they’ll welcome below-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions if it means a foot of snow.

Of course, one large storm won’t break a drought [4], but it sure does wonders for lifting people’s attitudes. As I’m writing this, we’ve probably had 4-5 in. of snow on our ranch, and the weatherman is calling for another 3-5 in. I understand that isn’t that much snow; nor does it convert to that much actual moisture. But it’s the largest moisture event we’ve had in more than 26 months!

I have to admit that, as I’ve aged, snow had taken on a more negative connotation. As a kid, it meant no school, sledding and fun. As an adult, it generally just translates into additional work and more problems. This year, however, I’m looking at snow [5] as being nothing short of a beautiful event, even if the stuff is blowing sideways!