fourth of july sentiment

July 4th – What A Great Country & Industry

I love the Independence Day holiday [3], and not just because it’s traditionally a big holiday for beef movement. It’s also a time to remember the sacrifices [4] that others made to ensure the freedoms we enjoy. It’s also a reminder that our beloved country is anything but static – always changing and always evolving.

As an aside, however, hamburger continues to be America’s favorite food to put on the grill. [5] The Fourth of July is a great holiday because there aren’t weeks of preparation or a lot of pressure – such as holidays like Christmas [6] or Thanksgiving – to make it happen. Independence Day is merely a time to get together with family and friends. Most importantly, it’s a time to be thankful [7] for living in such a great country that provides so many opportunities and that has transformed the world.

We are truly blessed to live in such a great country, and to be involved in such a great industry. Enjoy your holiday with family and friends, and be sure to put a little beef on the grill [8].


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