Photo Contest: Last Chance to Vote!

Wow! I'm ecstatic about the awesome response we have received for the second BEEF Daily Summer Photography Contest [3]. So many of you entered, and now even more of you are showing up to vote for your favorite photos. Remember, today is your last day to vote for the winners of this contest. The two photos that receive the most votes will win Western art prints courtesy of BEEF Magazine. Winners will be posted on Monday, so tune in next week for the big announcement! Thanks again for your participation!

Voting instructions: Simply leave your vote in the comments section below. Please, vote for one photo only. They are numbered 1-10, top to bottom. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the online photo album, "Cattle Call [4]," that highlights many of the entries sent in for this contest.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Beef fat, called tallow, is an ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, candles, shortenings, and chewing gum.

818-jessica-bittel-shorthorn-eating-supper.jpg [5]

819-bernie-mitchell-natures-harmony.jpg [6]

818-kiley-martinell-macie-and-the-heifers.jpg [7]

819courtney-massar-cayson.jpg [8]

brittany-creamer-daisy-the-dahlias.jpg [9]

jill-armstrong-curious-calves.jpg [10]

joann-ory-tee-jay-and-the-ferris-wheel.jpg [11]

john-rose-cattle-moving.jpg [12]

kim-powell-drinking-in-the-creek.jpg [13]

new-greg-turnley-dinner-time.jpg [14]