Calf Scours: Check for Signs, Offer Treatment

  Recognizing calf scours early can put calves back on the right track.

Cow-calf producers know all too well that proper management and control of disease [3] on the farm or ranch can improve profitability. The same goes for the control of calf scours [4], which can spread quickly among calves.

Kevin Gould of Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, and Dan Grooms, DVM, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, say there are a variety of causes of scours [5] in calves, including viruses, parasites and bacteria. Transmission of scours [6] may also take several routes.

Aside from prevention – understanding cause and transmission – Gould and Grooms offer tips [7] for recognizing the symptoms of scours [8] and offering treatment if it appears.

To read more about managing calf scours, click here. [9]


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