Argentine Cattle Cross Rivers To Graze New Ground, Even In Winter

  Even in late winter, Argentinean cows and gauchos swim across rivers for fresh grazing.

Leonardo Airaldi, a cattleman in Argentina's [3] Entre Rios Province, recently demonstrated for visitors how he swims his cattle across a river to fresh grazing.

This is a common practice in his area [4]. Airaldi's farms adjoin the Parana River delta – an area laced with a web of rivers and small islands. The government allows beef producers to graze these islands.

Airaldi and his family run two large cow herds that produce 2,000 calves/year. They grow their calves out more than a year on pasture, then finish them on a corn-silage-based ration. The Airaldi family also sells some of their production as breeding stock. Most of the cattle [5] we saw are either Hereford and Red Angus.

To read about the Argentine cattle grazing methods click here. [6]

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