Elanco Animal Health [1]

New BVD Management Tool From Elanco Animal Health


“Whether it’s in the stocker system or the feedyard, BVD 1b is the strain causing the majority of the BVD problems,” says Brad Williams, DVM, MBA at Elanco Animal Health. Viralign 6 is the first commercially approved modified live viral vaccine that contains the Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) strain 1b, which is now the most predominant strain identified in BVD infections. Viralign 6 also contains BDV 1a, BVD 2, IBR, BRSV and PI-3. Current modified-live 1a vaccines might not cross-protect calves adequately from 1b infections; making the targeted protection Viralign 6 provides an important herd health tool.


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