What Breeders See In Alfalfa's Future

  Researchers are working to tap the legume's potential.

Despite alfalfa’s declining acreage and use in many dairy rations, alfalfa [3] breeders are excited about the legume’s future. In fact, over the past two years, two companies have put considerable effort into building up their proprietary alfalfa portfolios.

S&W Seed has garnered acquisitions that now make it the largest non-dormant alfalfa [4] breeder in the world. In an effort to expand markets globally, the company has gained permission to plant [5] trial plots of five varieties in China – a country with growing demand for dairy products.

Dow AgroSciences, with two retail brands in the market – Dairyland and Mycogen – acquired Cal West and added a third brand, Producer’s Choice, to its portfolio in 2012. Dow combined all of the companies’ alfalfa [6] research and development teams and seed production operations into a new seed [7] affiliate called Alforex Seeds.

To read more about alfalfa trends, click here. [8]


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