3 Tips For Fall Pasture Seeding

  Despite the drought in some areas, ranchers can still move forward with pasture seeding. 

Lack of moisture [3] is no reason to put off fall pasture seeding [4], says Rob Kallenback, University of Missouri forage specialist.

"When it's time to plant, drill the seed [5] and wait for the rain. The seeds will wait. When you get rain, you'll have grass. I plant every year, and have had only a couple of minor failures. That's thousands of acres," says Kallenbach.

He stresses that there are a few basic guidelines to follow, however. The first is to properly prepare the area to be planted. He advocates no-till drilling, where the seed goes into ground where all old growth and weeds were killed. He believes that reduces competition for water and nutrients, and dead residue slows soil erosion and speeds rain intake.

To read more about pasture seeding, click here. [6]


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