The Making of 'Farmland,' Ag's Newest Documentary

  Farmer participants of 'Farmland' reflect on experiences making the film.

If offered another opportunity to share the story of their farms and ranches [2] in documentary form, five of the farmer-participants in the new "Farmland" film said they wouldn't hesitate to jump on board.

"I would do it again in a minute," fourth-generation hog farmer [3] Ryan Veldhuizen said during a press call just ahead of the film's Tribeca Festival debut in New York. He was joined by four other farmers [4] who participated in the new documentary.

The film, which hits selected theaters May 1, focuses on the lives of young farmers in six different food production [3] areas. It is billed as a glimpse into the farmers' "high-risk, high-reward" jobs.

To read more about the "Farmland" film, click here. [5]


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