Antimicrobial Use, Resistance White Paper Released

  Paper summarizes findings from the November Animal and Human Health Symposium.   

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture released a "Bridging the Gap between Animal Health and Human Health" symposium white paper last week. The paper highlights the complexities between antibiotic resistance [3] and animal and human health. The white paper was developed from proceedings of a symposium held in November.

"This white paper highlights information delivered during the symposium by 20 different speakers – including antibiotic use [4] and resistance [5] experts representing animal health, human health and public health [6]," says Nevil Speer, Western Kentucky University, who co-chaired the symposium.

Participants also included a consumer advocate organization, grocery retailers, staff members and selected media representing agriculture and consumer advocates [7].

To read more about the white paper, click here. [8]

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