Cut Pinkeye With Oxygen Therapy

Texas optometrist sprays ozonated, distilled water into the eye, to clear up pinkeye. 

Bob Bard thinks he may have figured how to use oxygen therapy on pinkeye [3] in cattle. Bard, who is a North Texas optometrist and beef producer, says when his cattle have developed pinkeye [4] in recent years he's been spraying ozonated, distilled water into the infected eye several times over a day or two. He says usually the eye clears right up.

Oxygen therapy is not unusual for a variety of maladies, including eye problems [5], but it’s not well known or well accepted across the medical community. It is sometimes used in hyperbaric conditions, meaning the patient [6] is put in a pressurized chamber with higher-than-normal oxygen content. Or the oxygen may be delivered straight into the airways for breathing, thereby increasing oxygen content in the blood.

To learn more about this treatment of pinkeye, click here. [7]

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